Contaminated Surfaces Are Everywhere. Go Where Liquids and Soap Can't.

SaniBeam™ is tested, proven and FDA registered. It destroys bacteria by emitting a UVC wavelength of 275nm from a specialized LED bulb. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method where UVC light is used to inactivate microorganisms by disrupting their DNA/RNA and leaving them unable to reproduce. Cells that cannot replicate, cannot infect. UVC LEDs are small devices that emit UVC light to destroy dangerous pathogens in water, surface, and air. Due to their small size, UVC LEDs can be easily integrated into a wide range of products- such as water purification systems, medical devices, air purifiers, and more- to provide effective disinfection. SaniBeam™ has been tested and proven to emit a 275-280nm wavelength.

Tested on American Ultraviolet® Dosimeters

The dosimeter technology consists of a photo-chromatic ink that changes color when it is stimulated by shortwave UVC radiation. The center of the dosimeter changes to pink to show that a level of UVC energy lethal to microorganism samples (e.g. MRSA, C. diff., E Coli, Salmonella, etc.) has been delivered. The color changes at various energy levels, which correlates with a log reduction of  these microogranisms.


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