About SaniBeam

We founded SaniBeam™ in beautiful Portland, USA in the beginning of 2020. Our background is in the medical and science industry, where we had worked for 15 years prior to forming our store. Microbiology was a big part of the curriculum, so naturally it was from our education and experience that we knew UVC light was one of the most powerful germicidal agents. Due to the current climate, we sought to find additional methods of sanitation via a portable UVC consumer device. Our vision was to produce a device that was efficacious, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing. After all, if you are going to invest in something, why would you purchase something that looks and feels cheap? The problem was that there had been no ideal options on the market that aligned with our vision up until now. Thanks to the recent advancements in LED technology- SaniBeam™ was born. We are pleased to offer a premium device, but at an affordable cost compared to others on the market.

Our number one priority in our past life working with physicians and hospitals was always the patient. Our goal with founding SaniBeam™ resonates the same...now the priority is our customers. We aren't trying to take the place of other disinfecting agents, or state that this technology is superior. We sought to provide an additional tool in your hygienic arsenal which can be used as an added measure of protection (and without the harsh chemicals). The proof is in the science.